Attivo in short - it's about CRM and marketing execution excellence

Since the start our aim has been to assist our client in improving their commercial results.

We do not offer of-the-self solutions. Our key competences are in two areas:

CRM strategien - de klare rammer.

CRM strategy and implementation

CRM is far more than an IT solution. It's most of all about customers and the way we approach them - but of course IT is needed.


It's about how we create value for the customers. The customer experience is essential today, but products and services are also part of the story.


And it's about how the customers create value for us. Segmentation is key to define the right approach and ensure customer centricity. Besides the CRM should be linked to the overall strategy and business objectives be clear.


In all cases organizational anchoring is crucial - no matter whether it's a CRM strategy or a new IT solution.

Processerne - limen der finder CRM sammen.

Marketing execution excellence

Marketing is not just a department but a process embracing everything from innovation to customer support and loyalty.


The strategy has to be transformed to operational guidelines and supported by a coherent marketing management framework to ensure consistensy and synergy.


In order to be able to execute strategy and activities effectively and efficiently across borders, functions and subsidiaries, a coherent marketing framework (processes, organization, technology, performance management) is needed.


Attivo in short

Our approach:

Our approach depend on the actual situation, issues and oportunities. Companies seldom face the exact same problems - obviously the solutions differ accordingly. Therefore we believe in an approach where:

  • The specific issues and challenges are identified together with internal stakeholders as the first step.

  • Each project is tailor-make to ensure it addresses the specific issues and opportunities identified.

  • A solution oriented approach based on a solid professional background and methologies that have shown their worth in real life.

  • Emphasis on organisational implementation and anchoring or in other words change management – without this no changes will be lasting after the project is complited.


Attivo was established in 2003 by Michael Rasmussen. Prior to establishiing Attivo he worked in companies like Scandinavin Airlines and TDC in a number of positions with the responsibility for CRM and marketing. Besides he has extensive experience with people management.


For further information on Michael Rasmussen's background please refer to LinkedIn.


Questions or interested in further information?

If you have any questions or are interested in a no-obligation meeting in order to discuss your challenges or a specific issue, please call or write to Michael Rasmussen (+ 45 20 80 68 44 / mr(at)