Attivo in short - it's about CRM and marketing efficiency

Attivo was established in 2003 by Michael Rasmussen. Then – as now – we offer consulting services with focus on CRM and marketing management.

How it's done obviously depend on the actual situation, issues and oportunities. Therefore we weight the following:

  • To expose the specific issues and challenges together with internal stakeholders as the first step.

  • Tailor-make the project to ensure it addresses the concrete issues and opportunities identified

  • A solution oriented approach based on a solid professional background and methologies that have shown their worth in real life.

  • Emphasis on organisational implementation and anchoring or in other words change management – without this no changes will be lasting.

The areas that we in particular focus on are:

  • Marketing strategy transformation - i.e. our term for what is needed to transform the overall company strategy to operational guidelines and tools that ensure consistensy and synergy, when a range of activities are being executed across borders, functions and subsidiaries.

  • Marketing Execution excellence - i.e. ensure a coherent framework (processes, organization, technology etc.) in order to be able to execute activities effectively and efficiently.

  • CRM - i.e. CRM strategy and implementation in order to improve customer experience, generate leads and improve loyalty and customer development.

If you have any questions or are  interested in a no obligation meeting in order to discuss your challenges or a specific issue, please call or write to Michael Rasmussen (+ 45 20 80 68 44 / mr(at)

For further information on Michael Rasmussen's background please we refer to LinkedIn:

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